Job Opportunities

United States
UK/Europe/Asia Pacific

United States

Senior Actuarial Analyst (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Actuarial Analyst (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Senior Actuarial Analyst – Actuarial Programming and Database Management (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Business Development  
Business Continuity Program Manager (Alpharetta, GA)DetailsApply
VP, Business Development Manager, Sompo GRS (Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX or New York, NY)DetailsApply
AVP, Business Development Manager, Sompo GRS (Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX or New York, NY)DetailsApply
Ceded Operations Managers/Specialists and Analysts (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Ceded Reinsurance Accounting Managers (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Ceded Reinsurance Accountants/Senior Ceded Reinsurance Accountants (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Ceded Reinsurance  
Ceded Reinsurance Compliance Director (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Claims Specialist (New Hyde Park, NJ)DetailsApply
E&O Claims Counsel (New York, NY, Purchase, NY or Florham Park, NJ)DetailsApply
Cyber Claims Counsel (New York, NY, Purchase, NY or Florham Park, NJ)DetailsApply
Sr. Claims Analyst (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Claims Examiner IV (Charlotte, NC)DetailsApply
Claims Counsel (Los Angeles, CA)DetailsApply
Assistant Vice President, Claims Account Manager (Florham Park NJ, New York NY or Los Angeles, CA)DetailsApply
Executive Assistant, Claims (Purchase, NY, New York, NY, Florham Park, NJ)DetailsApply
Claim Payment Technician (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Receptionist (Chicago, IL)DetailsApply
Cash Analyst (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Business Analyst (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Senior Technical Accountant-Reinsurance (Assumed) (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Finance Business Analyst (Purchase, NY or New York, NY)DetailsApply
Technical Accountant (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Senior Treasury Analyst (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Statutory Accountant (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Human Resources Manager (Mount Juliet, TN)DetailsApply
Internal Audit  
IT Audit Associate (Purchase, NY or New York, NY)DetailsApply
System Analyst I or Developer I (Radnor, PA)DetailsApply
Business Analyst, Surety Insurance (Purchase, NY or New York, NY)DetailsApply
Microstrategy Architect (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Business Systems Analyst, Claims (Radnor, PA)DetailsApply
Personal Lines Business Operations Specialist (Charlotte, NC)DetailsApply
Reinsurance Operations, Data & Reporting Analyst (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Insurance Training Manager (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Business Operations Analyst (Charlotte, NC)DetailsApply
Reserving (Summer Intern; Actuarial Assistant; Senior Actuarial Assistant, Reserving Actuary) (Purchase, NY)DetailsApply
Risk Control  
Risk Control Assistant (Florham Park, NJ)DetailsApply
HPR Property Loss Control Consultant, Sompo GRS (US Based - Remote)DetailsApply
Underwriter Trainees, E&S Property (Los Angeles, CA)DetailsApply
Underwriter, E&S Property (Los Angeles, CA)DetailsApply
Casualty Account Executive, Sompo GRS (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Surety Underwriter (All U.S. Regions)DetailsApply
Ceded Reinsurance Director, Casualty and Professional Lines (New York, NY)DetailsApply
Sompo International is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate based on age, gender, religion, disability, marital status or race.

Europe/Asia Pacific

Business Services  
Inwards Reinsurance Technician (London, UK)DetailsApply
Credit Control Supervisors (London, UK)DetailsApply
Head of Technical Accounting (Insurance/Reinsurance) (London, UK)DetailsApply
Syndicate Accountant (Insurance/Reinsurance) (London, UK)DetailsApply
Internal Audit  
Data Analyst (London, UK)DetailsApply
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Management Liability (London, UK)DetailsApply